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Greenwood George Wallet

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This Greenwood Leather wallet George is made of high quality Oil Pull Up leather and equipped with the latest RFID technology. The wallet is easy to use and holds more than enough space for all your cards and (pocket) money. • 2 x Bills compartments • Landscape style • Zipper compartment (8.5 cm) in the middle • 1 Coin compartment with push button lockable • 1 Large view • 4 Compartments for documents and papers, etc. • 7 Card compartments This wallet is made from high-quality leather, the wallet feels smooth and has a timeless look. The wallets from Greenwood Leather are equipped with the latest RFID technology. This means that all your passes are optimally protected against theft with contactless payment. Normally, RFID wallets consist of a hard metal case. However, the leather wallets from Greenwood have been lined in a special way. This way you are always sure that your cards and money are safe, but you can still enjoy the advantages and the look of a leather wallet.